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Our best ever photo shoot with Brenda being so relaxed and professional. Can't wait for our next trip to Cape Town to let her camera roll again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to take my maternity pictures?

It depends on how you carry and whether it is your first or second baby etc, but usually around 28 and 34 weeks. We want to take your pictures when your tummy is really “getting shape”, but before you get too “big”. If you wait too long you might also get tired quickly during the shoot and might be uncomfortable for certain poses. But I must also say that I have taken beautiful images very late in pregnancies as well…so every woman is different.

Where do you take the maternity photos:

With my lifestyle maternity packages you choose a location or venue special to you and we shoot there. We can either shoot on the beach, farm, field, forest, in town or at your home. The first 30km’s I drive is free and included in my packages (I just ask R 2.85 per kilo after 30km’s). We currently live in Durbanville, but I really don’t mind driving.

When do you do the maternity shoots?

If you want a lifestyle maternity shoot at home we can shoot any morning of the week. If you prefer a maternity shoot on location or beach we usually schedule the shoot on a Saturday afternoon. On the beach we usually start an hour before the sun sets (to catch the beautiful light or “Golden Hour” as they call it).

What must I wear for the session?

This is almost another blog post all together, but in short obviously something that will show off your beautiful belly. We usually brainstorm beforehand about the look and feel we want to go for, but most importantly I always want my clients to feel comfortable at all times.

For mom to be – dresses and skirts are beautiful, because they are feminine and blouses work nicely too (you can undo a few buttons to show off your tummy without feeling too exposed).

It also depends on where we are shooting too. If we are shooting on the beach for instance I would say a dress or skirt so that it can blow in the wind for effect.

If we shoot at your home we can try something a bit more feminine like lace (because you would maybe be more comfortable to show your belly in your own environment).

And then accessories like necklaces, bangles, hats and scarfs always works well for photos and is sometimes a nice way to add something interesting or colourful to your maternity images.

For the dads and other siblings I just always say that clothes without logos or branding works well (also clothes without big prints, stripes etc). Girls can go “wild” with tutus etc (and all Superheroes welcome:-) It also all depends on your family’s style and the look and feel of the shoot.

Do you use props during the maternity photos?

I encourage couples to bring along a few of baby’s things (maybe shoes, a soft toy or name blocks) etc if we shoot on the beach. If we shoot in your home I will use what is available. Other than that I concentrate on mom-to-be and her beautiful belly as well as you and your husband or partner’s connection and interaction with each other (obviously also siblings if applicable). If you have any pets and would like to include them as well you are very welcome. For me emotion will always be much more special than props and I feel that too many props can sometimes clutter an image.