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Newborn Photography – Jamie
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What my clients say

Brenda was absolutely fantastic. The photos she captured during our newborn shoot are beyond beautiful. Memories that will be cherished forever. She is so calm, gentle, creative and just simply AMAZING. She is a true professional. Our photos were hand delivered within 8 working days.WOW!!! We will definitely make use of Liefiekind Photography in the future!

Elena Ackerman - View the shoot

You were fantastic today and made it so easy for us. It was a lot of fun!

Clinton & Georgia - View the shoot

It was such a treat being photographed by Brenda. We posed, giggled and smiled a lot but always felt comfortable. Best of all, she put Ella's needs first throughout the entire shoot. No silly forced poses while she still managed to capture Ella's true beauty and charm.

Beryl & Ruben - View the shoot

Brenda created a relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of our own home. She captured the beautiful and precious moments of our little angel in our arms. We highly recommend Brenda for family portfolios!

Marike & Cornelius - View the shoot

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to do a newborn shoot?

I would say when your baby is between 5 days and one month old. I have seen that the earlier the better, because the babies tend to sleep a lot during the first two weeks of life which is great for the pictures. Don’t worry if your baby does not sleep that much, because every baby is different and I adapt to your child’s routine (not that there is really a “routine” yet – but you know what I mean;-) After the first two winks the babies get a bit more fussy and wriggly.

What time of day is a good time to photograph a newborn baby?

Usually after feeding (and burping), because the little ones are usually sleepy then. Mornings work well, but every newborn is different and every household has their own routine so I adapt to what works best for you.

How far in advance must I book my newborn shoot?

Because there is a limited window for newborn photos it is good to book about 2 months in advance if possible to avoid disappointment, but I get a lot of calls of clients phoning me and saying that baby came a few days ago – can I help! I always try and help where I can, but because I only take in 3 shoots per week in order to be flexible (in case one of ‘my” babies arrive earlier etc) I won’t necessarily be able to help on short notice (even if I wanted to).

Where do you take the newborn photos?

Your home. I know that taking baby out (especially in the winter months) and packing the diaper bag – trying to plan around feedings can be a bit stressful, so I just come to you! I found that everyone (including the parents) are more relaxed in their own environment. At home everything is at hand (for feedings and nappy changes etc) and you do not have to worry about traffic. Rather let me do that (travel included with all my family packages within a 15km radius from Avalon Estate).

We usually take a few shots in mom and dad’s room (on the bed) as well as the nursery (if applicable) and any other area in your home with good available light (but again – let me worry about that). Please do not worry about cleaning your home or having everything perfect before I arrive…Even if you do not have a room for baby and the rest of the house is a mess I will be able to take all the shots in your room (mom and dad’s bed is perfect). Also just a window…I really do not need much and know a lot of tricks to exclude any unwanted elements out of the shot. For me it is important that you feel at ease and enjoy the shoot.

What style do you shoot and what poses do you do?

My shooting style is very natural and I use natural light where possible (also not to disturb baby too much). I only do natural poses. In most of the images baby will be safely in either mom or dad’s arms (where they are happiest and feel safe and warm), but I do pose baby alone as well. Usually on a bed or his or her crib etc. Not one newborn shoot is the same and that is what makes it so special. Although I do posed photos as well, a lot of the “gems” as I call them are taken in between and in a natural candid manner as the moments happen.

Do you shoot over weekends?

I do most of my newborn shoots during the week, because there are only so many weekends in a month, but if you book early in advance we can definitely book a weekend slot for you.

Do you have props?

Trying to stay true to the lifestyle approach of shooting I prefer to only use elements in your home during the shoot, because I feel that it has more meaning and ads context to the pictures. I do however bring extra blankets just in case as well as a diaper cover or two, but I really rarely use it, because it is always nicer to use what you have (and much more personal). Most of my clients choose me, because they also prefer natural images to studio-like shots.

What if our home is not really “photo-ready” and do not have nice spots for photos?

As location photographer I am used to seeing spots and allocating areas that will work for the images. Please do not feel that your home has to be spotless. Remember – you just had a baby! I have been there too (quite recently actually) and know how busy the first few weeks are, especially for first time parents. Also what makes the lifestyle approach so special and unique is the fact that not everything has to be perfect to be beautiful! Before we start we usually choose a few spots and rooms where to shoot, but we usually shoot in mom and dad’s room (on the bed), baby’s room (if baby has one) and maybe in the living room. With the newborn shoots we rarely shoot outside.